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Frank Teravich

As the founder of Inspired Results and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer), I am committed to use all my experience to help managers and employees build the right business C.A.S.E.   Clarity, Alignment, Skills, Execution 

Main achievements include :

• Consulting as Professional Coach facilitating on Leadership, Individual Effectiveness and Team Building 

• Coaching individuals from management to executive levels in career transition, work life balance, team work, initiating new projects and team dynamics.

• Authorized Partner certified facilitator of “Everything DiSC Assessment”, a range of research-validated tools that inspire, empower, and transform workplaces 

• Authorized Partner and facilitator “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” by Patrick Lencioni, a learning experience aiming at building an efficient team. 

As a results-oriented Training Consultant with over 15 years’ experience, I have focused my career on helping individuals and organizations to clarify, reach and exceed their goals by means of numerous and recognized methodologies and proven approaches.  Using my skill-set to increase employee engagement, train next generation leaders and improve individual and departmental effectiveness has always been my passionate commitment. Recognized and awarded as highly efficient, I can train employees and managers from all fields.

My experience and commitment to the customers’ success and personal growth eventually led me to found Inspired Results Inc., a company entirely dedicated to helping individuals become inspired leaders, inspired managers and inspired employees.

Inspired Results - Testimonials


Plant Manager

We had a great experience working with Frank on teambuilding using "The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team".  Coming from a heavy-manufacturing environment, the team here is very experienced & oriented on personal successes.  I was worried they would not respond to the "touchy-feely" nature of this type of session.  Frank's preparation & professionalism, combined with a energetic approach, won us over quickly.  The participation in the sessions was very valuable for all, as Frank guided us to a place of healthy conflict & shared focus on results. While still early after our sessions were completed, I can already see positive behavior changes in the team.  Thanks Frank! 

Design Division Manager

As a DISC facilitator , Frank's enthusiasm was energizing with a balance of understanding and care to make sure our team received maximum value in the time we spent with him.

It was my second time working with Frank and it is clear that he is passionate about what he does and committed to providing the most for his clients including great follow up and continued support. 

Franchise Owner

Frank is a superb facilitator - one of the best I've ever experienced.  He is highly skilled, an engaging storyteller, creative, intuitive and absolutely hysterical. He uses humour to underscore key concepts and balances this approach with deep authenticity and a sincere commitment to inspiring others.


Frank provided a very high level of knowledge and excitment to our group. He was the right investment for our company to continue excell to the next level! 

Program Manager

Frank is a top-notch facilitator that always finds a way to engage and motivate his audience through his diverse knowledge of adult learning principals. Our organization has benefited from Frank's expertise by working with him to educate and certify our internal trainers to deliver the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and 7 Habits for Managers. I have found that Frank has brought a great deal of value to the table for our organization because he has taken the time to truly understand our business and the people that deliver these programs on a personal level. 

Senior People and Technology Leader

Frank is the best coach and facilitator I have worked with in 16 years.  And I have worked with many.  His energy and knowledge of the subject matter immediately engaged people.  I was shocked to see just how much everyone was enjoying the training and participating in it.  To say that he is a subject matter expert somehow doesn't do his knowledge justice.

Most importantly, Frank is a very open and vulnerable person.  He shared personal stories with us.  I felt like I was talking to the "real" Frank.  That connection heightened the entire experience for me.  I made a friend this week and that felt great.

I cannot recommend Frank highly enough.  He will, without a doubt,  help your organization perform at a higher level.  Frank is exceptional and is at the top of his game.

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Inspired Results - People/Services I proudly support

Carlayne Gilbertson


For over 20 years, Carlayne passionately works in the performance improvement business, spending everyday surrounded by inspiring people, ideas and principles that truly create change, from some of the worlds best thought leaders, from Stephen Covey to Tony Robbins to Brendan Bouchard and beyond. 

She is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach from The Robbins Madanes Institute. (Founded by the world’s leading performance coach; Tony Robbins and Family Therapist Cloe Madanes.)  Carlayne is also certified from ELITE High Performance Coaching, where she is also certified as an ELITE coach trainer.  In addition, is the Program Coaching Director for CMS Career Management Solutions Inc., where she mentors and supports a team of certified coaches.

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Louise Hack


Louise Hack is President & Chief Career Coach at Declare It!  Her experience in the Career Coaching field stems from her role as President at CMS Career Management Solutions Inc., a well established Canadian corporate outplacement firm where she has developed a wealth of career planning expertise. 

Louise has extensive knowledge and experience of a broad range of industries and occupations developed over the past 20 years, and brings that knowledge to help her student clients visualize potential career options for themselves.  A Certified Administrator of the Strong Interest Inventory, the world’s most trusted career assessment tool, she combines her experience, her passion for her clients success, with this comprehensive, scientific assessment to guide clients to exciting, but realistic career goals. 

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Marie-Genevieve Pawlak


A graduate of Lewis University’s Executive Coaching Program, Marie-Genevieve also holds a master’s in organizational leadership.  In addition to her strategy work, Marie-Genevieve speaks and creates training content on leadership, succession planning, team experiences, and organizational health. She is a contributor to and

Marie-Genevieve has extensive knowledge and experience of a broad range of industries developed over the past 20 years and brings that knowledge to help her clients create and execute on their strategic plans.

Planning101 is an Organizational Health Development (OHD) Firm that believes a company's most important asset is its PEOPLE.


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